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Academic Press IPL

The University of Wisconsin-Madison does not participate in a consortial
license for the Academic Press IDEAL titles.  Our campus has had no online
access to AP titles.  We get some requests from faculty, but always for
the same few titles, like JMB, Analytical Biochemistry, Virology.  The
sort of titles that we view as high priority for licensing.

Last fall, AP announced a new licensing option called IPL (Institutional
Publications License).  We were interested because IPL lets us select the
titles we want.

For those of you unfamiliar with IPL, here's a pricing example and some
other info:

The electronic/print combo price for JMB for 2001 is $7700 for 1 user,
$9240 for 2-5 users, or $12,320 for unlimited users.  A print subscription
costs about $5,000, so the cost of adding unlimited online access
(standard for most ejournals we license) is over $7,000 per year!  And it
is my understanding that IPL subscribers do not receive either use
statistics or exclusion statistics.  So it's impossible for a customer to
evaluate how often users are rejected by a 1 user license.  And there's no
permanent access to a backfile.

Please let me know if your institution has evaluated the IPL option for
any AP titles.  Has anybody gone this route?  You can respond privately to

Thanks, Jean Gilbertson

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