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RE: WHO Biomed Journals Initiative, more

I wonder at the level of overlap with regard to participating countries
between the WHO initiative (medical publications) and the Soros eIFL deal
(sci-tech publications). South Africa, as part of eIFL, will benefit
there, but not with WHO.

What's the likelihood of eIFL approaching WHO, or vice versa, for
cooperation so that none of the deserving nations slip through the cracks?
Quite possibly, and contrary to SA's case, there are nations that qualify
for and will benefit from the WHO deal, but not the eIFL deal...


Jennifer De Beer
IT - Universiteit Stellenbosch University
(W3) sun.ac.za

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> Subject: WHO Biomed Journals Initiative, more
> Further to the WHO announement of 9 July (see press excerpt immediately
> below), here follows a list, from the WHO web site, of categories of
> countries and their eligibility for free or deeply-discounted
> subscriptions to some leading biomedical journals. Ann Okerson