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Re: Bundling E & P? (was Sage titles)

Not all libraries want the same thing, nor should they.

Those libraries which follow the safe but expensive practice of getting
the electronic version of all titles for which it is available, but
continuing the print version of all titles as well, find bundled prices an
advantage At the least, they expect a substantial discount for getting

Those libraries which only add the electronic version of selected titles
that they feel are worth the cost obviously like the choice. Free
electronic with print is usually reflected in higher subscription prices,
and is therefore not really free, just compulsory.

Those libraries that discontinue the print for as many titles as possible
if the electronic is available need the choice. My biology library is one
of these. Since the publisher should find electronic distribution
significantly less expensive than physical, when I switch from print to
electronic I expect in return either a lower price, or access to
additional materials. (These have the same effect: if I get a lower price,
the savings goes into the purchase of additional materials, if possible
from the same publisher.)

My suggestions about calculated the relative prices should be in the
archives of this list.

David Goodman, Princeton
Biology Library				 dgoodman@princeton.edu            


On 24 Feb 2000, Sally Morris wrote:

> I am confused.  From all I hear, librarians dislike having print and
> electronic versions of a journal 'bundled' (ie sold as an indissoluble
> package) and want the option of buying electronic only.  Yet when
> publishers make the transition to selling the 2 versions separately, there
> is an outcry.  (It seems a reasonable strategy to include electronic for
> every print subscriber at the beginning, just so that the publisher can
> begin to learn how customers react.)
> What do you really want?
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