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RE: Sage titles

At SUNY Stony Brook we are getting web access to ejournals from a variety
of intermediaries as well as directly from the publishers for some titles.
Although in some cases there is an access charge, that's true for direct
access from some publishers who do not deal with intermediaries. One
benefit we get from our subscription to ejournals from OCLC's Electronic
Collections Online is the linking from FirstSearch database results to
full text of their journals that we subscribe to.

Also, if you subscribe to journals directly from a variety of publishers,
don't you have to deal with different interfaces for each publisher?

I guess what it comes down to, in part, is that we're all (and I include
publishers and intermediaries in this group) trying different approaches
which is as it should be at this relatively early stage of electronic
publishing. It's still too early to say which way is best and, of course,
different institutions will come to different conclusions based on their
requirements.  One advantage of a list like this is that we can see what
others are doing and get, in some cases, reassurances that we're not
totally off track, and in other cases, ideas of how to do things better.

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