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RE: Sage titles

I believe that the size of the institution and its local technical
infrastructure make these choices extremely variable.  At a mid-size
regional public university we prefer to use a minimum set of
intermediaries or the global publisher sets (e.g. Ideal, Muse) or JSTOR to
provide full image journals ... yes, there are multiple interfaces and,
yes, there are additional costs for the third party support, but it is
support we could not provide to ourselves alone.  At least both publisher
and local library get some commitment to archiving the issues at the third
party host as part of the deal.

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At 07:07 PM 2/24/00 EST, you wrote:
>SAGE has expanded its hosting intermediaries to EBSCO, SWETSNET, ROWECOM
>as well as OCLC in the last year to facilitate choice of access route for
>institutional subscribers
>My comments:
>I was going to stay out of this one but I can't resist. And my apology to
>Vivienne Dunlop but I want to post to the list since there are other
>publishers that put us in the same boat.
>It is not the publisher's fault, but the University of Toronto Library
>provides access to our faculty, staff and students to more titles and we
>feel relevant titles than are available through any intermediary so we are
>opposed to going that route. Not only would there be the cost issue as
>pointed out by Carole but there is the whole issue of yet another
>interface for our users to cope with. I know we are not unique in this
>view. Our preference would be to be allowed to load locally and failing
>that to be able to have direct access for the Sage journals.
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