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RE: Sage titles (access and licenses)

         To continue David's thought, I find it unjustified to pay for a
journal and then to again pay some agency to deliver it to me (especially
when I tried to figure out the OCLC approach).  Although I have
considerable faculty demand for Sage, not to the extent that they want to
pay hundreds of dollars extra for it (which tells me something about the
value added).

         I agree with David's caution about the problems of publishers
providing access only through sites that require users to pay additional
fees (as well as imposing other obstacles).  I would offer the alternative
of aggregators such as CatchWord, ingenta and High Wire.  In all
immodesty, my reviews of ingenta and CatchWord should be appearing in the
April issue of The Charleston Advisor.  I do not understand why libraries
would pay or jump through hoops when there are other alternatives. No
those alternatives aren't always to the same journals but a publisher that
expects me to pay a third party for access to their e-journals has a
position that means my users won't be accessing that publisher's
electronic versions for the most part.  (and guess what will be at the top
of the cancellation list when we have the choice of electronic journals
available with the print or print only titles because access to the
electronic version would cost a fair amount extra?)

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At 06:59 PM 2/24/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Course packs.
>This is not really a problem, because all that is necessary to do is to
>give the students the url, and they themselves, being included in the
>institution's ip based access, can use the journal. (Use off campus has
>the usual problems of requiring a proxy server or a password). As far as I
>know this makes all wording about course packs in licenses irrelevant.
>In fact this is much more flexible than conventional electronic reserves,
>which limits access to the students actually enrolled in the course (and
>with the licensing fees paid on that basis). With any e-journal, everyone
>gets access, and to the whole journal, not just a selected article.
>As far as requiring oclc or ebsco, we too have had great difficulty
>setting up titles that require it. I very strongly urge all publishers who
>want to actualy sell access to as many libraries as possible to avoid
>David Goodman