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RE: pricing questions

In addition to Becky's point about various components of journal
production, it is also important to keep in mind that there are major
costs associated with the offices of the editor-in-chief.  Today there is
little, and often no, support from academic institutions, and publishers
must absorb the costs of running such editorial offices.  These costs are
not lessened by the fact that a journal may be highly focused and have a
more targeted readership. The arrangements for such support vary
considerably, but these expenses have grown enormously over the years and
contribute to pricing of subscriptions.

	Mary Ann Liebert  

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		I feel I should point out that there are several factors
that contribute to production costs, beyond the number of copies that are
printed, which makes a difference as well, of course, that make comparing
one journal to another rather like comparing apples to oranges:

		The trim size
		The number of pages per issue/volume
		The weight and type of paper stock
		The covers (number of colors, artwork, coatings, etc.)
		The number of color figures
		The number of halftones and other figures
		The number of tables
		What the per-page typesetting costs are
		What printer is being used
		How the journal is being shipped
		How many ROW subscribers there are (more expensive to ship)

and probably several things I've not mentioned here. All of this makes it
quite difficult to run a cost comparison between one journal and the next.

		My two-cents' worth . . .

		Best regards,
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