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Journal Pricing

Margaret Landesman of the University of Utah Library sends the following

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Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 11:17:32 MST7MDT
Subject: Journal pricing

Re: Jounal prices

See the Chronicle of Higher Education this week, Vincent Kiernan,
"Non-profit Journals are Cheaper than Commercial Ones."

Kiernan summarizes "Measuring Journal Cost-Effectiveness: Ten Years After
Barschall", which can be found at the url cited below.  This is a very
impressive study from the University of Wisconsin.

It is argued by some that publishers will behave in a significatly
different manner with regard to pricing in the electronic environment -
but I can't myself see any reason why this should be so.

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The following url will take you to Wisconsin's article 
about their price per character study of physics, 
economics, and neuroscience journals.


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