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ALA Program Announcement

Please post the following meeting announcement:

RUSA/CODES Computer-Based Methods and Resources Committee
 9:30 am - 11:00 am
 Hilton New Orleans Riverside
 Grand Salon #3

Electronic Scholarly Publishing: Opportunities for Collaboration among
Librarians, Publishers and Scholars
The program will be a panel discussion, followed by a question and answer
period, on electronic scholarly publishing, focusing in particular on some
of the experimental initiatives currently underway. Using these pilot
projects as indicators (the Columbia Online Books Project, CIAO, PEAK, and
others), speakers will delineate the realities of the electronic
environment and what they portend for the scholarly communication process
as we know it.  Issues may include:

 	* pricing and distribution of scholarly information
 	* quality of electronic content 
 	* user's expectations
 	* tenure requirements in the digital world
 	* publisher/library partnerships
 	* infrastructure - do we have what it takes

Mary Summerfield, Coordinator, Online Books Project, Columbia 
University Libraries; 

Julianne Bobay, Head, School of Library and 
Information Science Library, Indiana University at Bloomington;

Mary M. Case, Director of the Office of Scholarly Communication, ARL.