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Licensing provisions of AALL's recommendations for revisions to FTC Guides for the Law Book Industry


Members of this list may be interested in the licensing provisions
included in the American Association of Law Libraries' recommendations to
the Federal Trade Commission for revision of Guides for the Law Book
Industry, 16 CFR 256.  The recommendations may be found at the AALL
Washington Office website:
http://www.ll.georgetown.edu/aallwash/Ftcguide.html .  See especially the
response to Question 6.

The text of the current Guides, and the FTC's request for comment, may be
found on the website of the AALL Committee on Relations with Information
Vendors: http://www.aallnet.org/committee/criv/ftc.htm .

The Guides for the Law Book Industry were developed by AALL for the FTC in
the 1970s, in response to a persistent pattern of unfair trade practices
by the legal publishing industry.  These most recent recommendations are
offered in response to a request by the FTC for advice on revising the
Guides for the electronic era.  Many consumers of legal information
products hope that the FTC acts to implement a new Guide on licensing, and
to adopt the other recommendations included in the AALL report.

Rob Richards 

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