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INFO: Distance Education Copyright Proposal Seeks to Modify Restrictionsof Millenium Copyright Law for Distance Education Programs and Activities

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Source:  New York Times (NYT)
Title:      U.S. Copyright Proposal Supports Distance Learning
Source Date:  May 29, 1999
Resource Type:  News Article
Description/Keywords:   Copyright, Distance Education, Proposals, New,
Legislation, Restrictions, Countermeasures
URL:  Listed Below Article Summary

May 29, 1999
          U.S. Copyright Proposal Supports
          Distance Learning

               Calling distance education "a vibrant and burgeoning
field," the United States Copyright Office is recommending a series
of changes to federal law that it says would make it easier for
educators to use copyrighted materials in classes taught over computer

          At the same time, the office is urging Congress to adopt
measures that would place new responsibilities on universities and others to
see to it that copyrighted materials are protected from unauthorized
copying and distribution.

          The long-awaited recommendations, issued to
          Congress this week, were crafted as a
          compromise in a heated debate between
          promoters of computer-based distance
          education, like university and library officials,
          and copyright holders, like book publishers and
          movie companies.

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