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Document Delivery and Copyright Laws


I would like to ask a question related to the national and international
copyright laws. To be more specific let's take document delivery
companies. A client can order any article, journal or book published and
stored in the US or any other library. Then the library personnel or a
university student will make a photocopy of the specific pages of a
journal or a publication and deliver the copies to the client. Seems like
a straight forward process. But what about the copyright? I understand
that when it comes to delivery of the US published materials, document
suppliers can track (only if they want to) the source and pay the
copyright fees. Is there a specific amount a document supplier must pay to
a publisher or to the clearance center? What if US based document delivery
company is photocopying foreign journals stored in foreign repositories?  
Another question, I noticed that many document delivery companies use
university libraries to photocopy materials. Is that legal?

I am doing a research on international copyright laws and can not find
answers to these questions anywhere on the web.

Thank you very much for your time. 

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