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Re: Microsoft Registration Wizard

Here's the info that should clear up her questions on Office 2000
Registration Wizard


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On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, David Swanepoel wrote:

> Excuse my ignorance, but I am confused about some  terminology.
> Up till now, I understood a shrinkwrap licence as, it is with a CD-ROM
> database we are subscribing to.  By detaching a label on the plastic cover
> of each disk, one agrees once again to the stipulations of the license
> agreement, of which one was supposed to familiarize oneself from scratch.
> On me joining this list the term "click-wrap" was also used. This I
> understood as when one have to click your consent before entering the
> information.  The terms "click-through" and "click-on" were used more
> often, so I assumed "click-wrap" was just an analogy for "shrinkwrap".
> I recently attended a lecture of someone who attended the 1st Internet
> Librarian conference. She mentioned a technology which consists of a
> "wrapper" which will, if implemented by a publisher, goes with all
> copyrighted information, whether it is downloaded, e-mailed to somebody or
> whatever.  It will be impossibe to use such information unless one ask
> permission and pay, presumably contact particulars will be provided with
> the wrapper.  Unfortunately the person could tell me nothing more, merely
> highlighting issues which made an impression on her.
> Reading the phrase "shrinkwrap software licensing" below, is that what is
> actually is meant?  Nothing to do with the physical cover around a CD or
> software package, but rather a wizard which will indeed have more tricks
> up its sleeve than Merlin?
> Thanks
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> > Anyone following the interactions of copyright and shrinkwrap software
> > licensing should be aware of plans by Microsoft for Office 2000.  My
> > understanding (a bit hazy, since Microsoft hasn't released details) is
> > that Microsoft is planning to include a "registration wizard" that you
> > must run when you install the new version of Office (expected ship date:
> > Q3 1999).  This wizard is designed to enforce the terms of the EULA (the
> > Microsoft shrink wrap license).  I believe (but am not sure) that the plan
> > is to have the wizard send hardware configuration information to
> > Microsoft, and to disallow use of the software after the 50th startup
> > unless registration was successful, to disallow reinstallation of the
> > software if the hardware changes substantially, etc.