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RE: Oxford University Press license

David Goodman's interpretation under 1/ and 2/ is correct. In addition,
the geographical site which is licensed will include all networked
computers and terminals within that site, not just those in the library.
So if you have the right to use any of these computers, you can access
the licensed OUP journals. I'm sorry if that was not clear. I'll ask our
lawyer if she thinks the license could be amended to make this clearer.

Richard Gedye

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> To me this is just saying in rather round-about terms that 
> 1/ anyone, whether a member of the institution or not, that the
> institution permits to use its libraries, can access the material from
> within the libraries,
> 2/ but that only the actual members of the institution can use it by
> remote access with a modem.
> However, it does leave out the case of those accessing the network via
> the campus network directly, not with a modem, from locations on campus
> other than the library. To me it implies that at least the actual
> members of the institution could do so, since they have the even more
> extensive right to access with a modem.

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