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Re: Oxford University Press license

I actually found the Oxford agreement to be quite good in most regards.
But of course one must read through all the legalese carefully. The
license DOES include the case David Goodman mentioned, but you have to
kind of glean it from two places.

If you read carefully, you will see that the definitions of "Authorized
User" and "Site" taken together include any member of the institution --or
non-member being authorized by the institution-- who is accessing the
journal from anywhere on a "geographical site" (i.e. a campus) that is
part of a secure server or network.  I.e., any IP address on campus that
meets this qualification has access to the journal, not just the library.
Any institutional member or other authorized person (e.g. someone to whom
the institution has given a logon and password to their server) ALSO may
access the journal via a modem link to a valid IP address.

In addition, they have allowed for unaffiliated, "walk-in" users to
that has a valid IP address.

I hope I've helped clarify rather than obfuscate further.  I just read
Paul Wrynn's comment, and I see what he means -- Oxford probably should
not have limited themselves to access "via a modem link" from off-site
--that language is perhaps already outdated.  In my very un-expert
opinion, I rather doubt that using some other technology, as long as it
*authenticates* the person connecting, will really be an issue, at least
with a publisher like Oxford.  They appear to be trying to be flexible and

The only thing we had to change on the license was the governing law and
jurisdiction.  Oxford will agree to either a) substituting New York for
English Law (for US libraries anyway), or b) just excising that clause
altogether.  I found the Oxford people to be very helpful and quick in
responding (they aren't paying me, honest.)  The person to whom to address
questions about the licensing issues is in the UK:  Stella Griffiths --
griffits@oup.co.uk (hope she doesn't hate me for giving out her email.)

Victoria Mitchell
Reed College