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Re: SciFinder Scholar Contract (fwd)

Are you saying that the vendor is going to make you commit to purchase the
product before you begin the trial period?  If so, then they're not really
offering you a trial period at all.

> I do not see how it makes sense for us to involve our lawyer to look at
> the legal wording of a contract BEFORE a decision on purchase is made.  I
> would want our lawyer to make any necessary changes to the contract AFTER
> the University has made a decision to purchase.  But, I guess that CAS
> will not allow such changes.
> <snip> 
> I usually do not concern myself with vendor contracts, so I don't
> know if this is typical of the CAS. (ie. We must sign a contract BEFORE
> agreeing to purchase.)  I do know that many other science info vendors are
> much more open to giving 30 day trials without making you sign a contract
> first.  

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