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Re: E-Journals in the Era of Print Cancellations

Academic feelings on any topic can never be summarised in one sentence,
but I would say that a common reaction from faculty and librarians at my
institution is that e-journals will be an acceptable substitute for print
once the archiving of the electronic version is secure. The benefits of
e-journals are recognised but print is perceived to be the most reliable
archive medium.

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At 19:21 12/10/98 EDT, Gerry McKiernan wrote:
>     _E-Journals in the Era of Print Cancellations_
>    For a possible survey (and article, of course), 
>I am greatly interested in any citations, observations, 
>or cosmic insight [:-)], on Faculty attitudes regarding 
>the purchase of E-Journals before/during/after a **Print** 
>Serials Cancellation project.
>    I am particularly interested in views that relate
>to the actual or perceived benefit of providing 
>distributed access to preferred journals with the trade-off or 
>necessity of cancelling the print version of such journals 
>or print journals of less local value or importance to support 
>such desktop access.
>   In summary, the question is:
>   Do faculty recognize the value of E-journals so much so
>that they will are willing to cut print journals?
>   The attitudes of librarians on this issue is also of
>   As Always, I'd very much appreciate Any and All Comments,
>Citations, Questions, Contributions, Queries, etc. on this
>matter. I will be glad to summarize for this list.
>/Gerry McKiernan
>Theoretical Librarian and
>Curator, CyberStacks(sm)
>Iowa State University
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