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E-Journals in the Era of Print Cancellations

     _E-Journals in the Era of Print Cancellations_

    For a possible survey (and article, of course), 
I am greatly interested in any citations, observations, 
or cosmic insight [:-)], on Faculty attitudes regarding 
the purchase of E-Journals before/during/after a **Print** 
Serials Cancellation project.

    I am particularly interested in views that relate
to the actual or perceived benefit of providing 
distributed access to preferred journals with the trade-off or 
necessity of cancelling the print version of such journals 
or print journals of less local value or importance to support 
such desktop access.

   In summary, the question is:

   Do faculty recognize the value of E-journals so much so
that they will are willing to cut print journals?

   The attitudes of librarians on this issue is also of

   As Always, I'd very much appreciate Any and All Comments,
Citations, Questions, Contributions, Queries, etc. on this
matter. I will be glad to summarize for this list.


/Gerry McKiernan
Theoretical Librarian 
Curator, CyberStacks(sm)
Iowa State University
Ames IA 50011

     "The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It!"
                                 Alan Kay