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Cambridge University Press

We have been very interested in gaining access to Cambridge University
Press journals for some time so in a way, this is good news. I will e-mail
Chris myself but has anyone had success getting them to move away from the
old username and password entry issue. We have a workaround but we don't
like it. Cambridge UP titles will mean that we have licences to provide
access to over 6,000 journals ( some duplicates ) electronically which
means that a user may be expected to know quite a few usernames/passwords
or we put the username/password up for the world to see. As I said we have
a workaround but our users do not like it.

Please either tell me I am wrong or let Cambridge know your thoughts.


       Warren Holder
Warren Holder
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University of Toronto Library
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> Cambridge Journals Online
> There are now 57 titles available within the Cambridge Journals Online
> service. Tables of contents, bibliographic materials and artic abstracts
> are available free of charge to all internet users. The full text of
> articles is available online to users at an institution that subscribes
> to the print version of the journals. We are also testing society
> member and individual subscriptions on selected titles.
> To access the full text of articles online, an institution has to
> activate its subscription. This can be done online at the CJO website
> and involves associating a registration record against the subscription
> record already held in the database. When possible, we associate a
> domain name with our institutional subscription number and allow any
> user within that domain to access the journals. If a domain name is not
> available, we associate an IP number range with the subscription record.
> Currently, we ask that all users register a name and password of their
> own choosing, whether they are within an active domain or just browsing
> the free areas of the service.
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