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Re: Oxford and Cambridge UP..

Chuck and others:  We subscribed to OUP's journals using IP, not password,
access. On a related matter:  at the time we did so (a few months ago), we
read the license on the Web and needed to have a couple of changes made.
Since I didn't see the name of anyone to "mailto", I called OUP in NY to
get the contact for the license.  With him, we worked out changes via
e-mail and then we signed up.  It worked well. The only glitch at that
time was not knowing whom in the organization to contact.  Richard Gedye's
message to this list fixes that little matter, if the WWW site hasn't
rectified it already.

As to Cambridge, we haven't signed up though we understand that these
e-versions are, like Oxford's, free for libraries that subscribe to the
paper versions. Our librarians have suggested a couple of changes to the
license that we ought to pursue before going forward, including apparently
the ability to register only one domain name per subscription (yale has
two or three of these).  I imagine we'll try to sort that out shortly
so that we can receive the Cambridge e-journals.

Ann Okerson
Yale University


On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, Hamaker, Chuck wrote:

> What are libraries doing to access Oxford and Cambridge journals? It looks
> like (I may be wrong) that they are requiring password access to their
> journals. Suggestions? Procedures?
> Chuck Hamaker