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IFLA - Workshop on Consortia (#83)

Several readers have written me to ask if the IFLA workshop on consortia
("New Markets"), sponsored by the Section on Acquistion and Collection
Development, will feature papers to be published and I've responded that
these are informal presentations with handouts -- there will be no
published papers.  However, I've just finished preparing the handouts and
shipping them to Amsterdam -- and although the information in them is
mostly here and there on the web, there is some added value in the
grouping of this information for the workshop.

Thus, if the IFLA gang would like to post these to www.ifla.org, I would
be happy to send them along as electronic files. Also, after the IFLA
conference, I'll post the handouts to the LIBLICENSE web site

And more:  if anyone who is going to attend the workshop would like to
take good notes and write up a report, we have an interested publisher for
this.  Please declare yourselves to me either now by email or at the
workshop.  Ann.Okerson@yale.edu

Finally:  Marjorie Bloss, the Section Chair, writes me that she has
already received 25 registrations for the workshop. This means that it's
1/3 filled but also that there is a lot of room left. Be sure to sign up
once you arrive at IFLA registration.

Ann Okerson, Member
IFLA Section on Acquistion and Collection Development