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MIT Press License

Naomi P. Fackler writes:

Thanks for the resources on the LibLicense web page.  A very good one to
add would be the one MIT Press has for the Journal of Contemporary
Neurology, a journal in electronic form only. The agreement can be found
at It is a license
that sounds as if it were written by a librarian! 

Naomi P. Fackler
Collection Development Manager
Medical Sciences Library
Texas A&M University
College Station TX 77843-4462

Phone: (409) 845-7460
FAX: (409) 845-7493                                                 

[N.B.  And here is the license reproduced:  a truly user-friendly work by
the MIT Press Journals Department.  It's also linked on the Liblicense
Web site.]

     Journal of Contemporary Neurology




     The entire contents of Journal of Contemporary Neurology are
     copyrighted by MIT Press, as is each individual article. Uses
     beyond that allowed by the U.S. Copyright Law require permission
     of the publisher. You may contact us at

     Rights of Subscribers

     Readers of Journal of Contemporary Neurology must subscribe in
     order to print or download articles from the journal. The contents
     of the journal are currently available for perusing without
     elaborate registration and password protection in order to allow
     readers to sample the material. We depend on the honesty of
     readers in order to collect the subscription fees that are
     necessary to support the operations of the journal.

     As a nonsubscriber, it is reasonable to inspect the materials in
     the journal, in the same spirit that you would inspect a magazine
     at the newsstand before deciding whether to purchase it. However,
     when you decide to employ journal articles in your work or
     studies, you should subscribe or persuade your library to
     subscribe. You may subscribe right now with an interactive
     subscription form, or you may pay for a copy of an individual
     article. To order a print copy of an article, contact MIT
     Libraries Document Services; to pay for an electronic copy of an
     article, use this interactive form.

     As a subscriber, or member of a subscribing library, you have very
     liberal rights to use articles published in Journal of
     Contemporary Neurology. You may use articles from previous years,
     as well as those published in the year of your subscription. In
     the distant future, if very old articles must be archived offline
     for efficiency, there may be an additional charge to cover the
     cost of retrieving old articles. In the foreseeable future, all
     published articles will be available online.

     You have the right to use published articles in any way whose
     primary intention and effect is to further your own research or
     studies. You must not use articles in order to mislead others
     about the views or competence of the author, nor as part of a
     commercial product unless authorized by MIT Press. For example,
     you may:

        * read articles directly from the official journal servers or
          from any other server that grants you access
        * copy articles to your own file space for temporary use
        * form you own permanent archive of articles, which you may
          keep even after your subscription lapses
        * display articles in the ways most convenient to you -- on
          your computer, printed on paper, or converted to spoken form
        * apply agreeable typographical styles from any source to
          layout and dispaly articles
        * apply any information retrieval, information processing, and
          browsing software from any source to aid your study of
        * convert articles to other formats, including microfiche
        * share copies of articles with other subscribers and with
          nonsubscribing collaborators as a direct part of your
          collaborative study or research.

     Library subscribers may also:

        * print individual articles and other items for inclusion in
          your periodical collection or for placing on reserve at the
          request of a faculty member
        * place articles on your campus network for access by local
          users, or post article listings and notices on the network to
          inform your users of what is available
        * share print or electronic copy of articles with other
          libraries under standard interlibrary loan procedures.

     All copies that you make of an article or an article fragment (not
     including purely temporary copies that constitute intermediate
     steps in processing articles for display or other purposes) must
     preserve the author's name, title, journal name, publisher, and
     copyright statement.

     Janet Fisher
     Associate Director for Journals Publishing
     The MIT Press
© 1996, 1997 Yale University Library
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