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Job posting - California Digital Library

California Digital Library
Three Positions Available Immediately:

Associate Director, Collection Development  (SCS-97)
Assistant Director, Education and Communications  (SCT-97)
Assistant Director for Business Development  (SCR-97)

Job Announcement:

The University of California seeks three creative, dynamic, and experienced
individuals to play a leadership role in establishing an innovative new
venture, the California Digital Library (CDL).    These individuals, along
with an Assistant Director for Systems and Services and a Technology
Director, will work closely with the University Librarian of the CDL as the
management team responsible for articulating, planning, coordinating, and
implementing this new library.

The result of more than two years of intensive planning, the California
Digital Library is a collaborative venture including all nine campuses of
the University.  The University envisions the CDL as a complete system in
support of scholarly and scientific communication, with several components
including: high-quality digital collections which support academic
programs; on-line tools which support all facets of knowledge management;
and an effortless network interface to access and disseminate knowledge. As
part of its public service mission, the University also plans to
investigate the potential of providing access to the CDL to the citizens of

The CDL team will also have responsibility for coordinating strategic
initiatives that promote resource sharing among UC campus libraries and
develop new models for the dissemination of scholarly and scientific
information. The CDL is located in Oakland, California at the University's
systemwide Office of the President.  All positions report to the University
Librarian and Executive Director, California Digital Library.  

Associate Director, Collection Development  (SCS-97)

Responsible for planning and implementing the shared digital collections of
the California Digital Library (CDL).  Interacting and collaborating with a
variety of intercampus groups, the Associate Director develops plans for
shared digital collections and designs initiatives that support and define
the University's multi-level knowledge network.  Determines goals and
objectives, analyzes policy issues, compiles background information,
facilitates discussions, identifies barriers, builds consensus, develops
implementation strategies. Manages the collections budget and supervises a
small staff. Stays abreast of developments in the delivery of digital
content and suggests innovative approaches and programs for the CDL.
Provides professional expertise in the area of digital collections to
senior librarians on all campuses and serves as liaison to other groups and
departments in the Office of the President responsible for implementing CDL
services.  Works closely with the University Librarian and Executive
Director of the California Digital Library to develop a vision and
strategies that will guide the transition to integrated and complementary
print and digital collections.

Requires M.L.S. or equivalent.  Considerable in-depth experience in a
variety of aspects of academic librarianship with emphasis on public
services and collection development.  Clear understanding of the scholarly
use of library collections and services, an awareness of trends in higher
education and library services, and strong interest in, and knowledge of,
the use of technology for the delivery of digital information.
Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups, including both faculty
and librarians, to build consensus for new and innovative programs.
Demonstrated ability both to plan and to implement new services and
collections, and the ability to provide leadership in a dynamic and rapidly
changing environment.  Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Excellent analytical skills and well developed interpersonal skills.
Experience in University of California libraries strongly preferred.

Salary:  $60,100 - 90,200, commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Assistant Director, Education and Communications  (SCT-97)

Responsible for all CDL initiatives designed to educate, train, and
communicate with the CDL user community.  Working closely with librarians
on all campuses of the University, the Assistant Director develops and
implements innovative training and communication programs.  Analyzes the
needs of faculty, students and librarians for training and support; creates
and provides "train-the-trainer" programs for campus librarians; develops
and coordinates programs for the creation of printed and electronic
handouts, guides and other instructional and publicity tools for users and
for trainers.  Participates in the design of systems that provide CDL users
with an interface that encourages and facilitates access.  Designs and
implements communication programs that effectively distribute information
on the CDL to all users.  Evaluates the use of CDL systems and services on
an on-going basis to identify user-training needs; develops and revises
programs accordingly.    Speaks knowledgeably regarding the CDL to user
groups including, faculty, students and administrators. Supervises a small
staff.  Stays abreast of developments in instructing adult learners as well
as in library instruction; serves as a resource in these areas to other CDL
staff and to librarians on the 9 campuses.  Position involves extensive
travel within California.

Requires substantial experience in providing instruction to adult learners
and a Master's degree in a relevant subject area.   Demonstrated ability to
deliver effective instruction to adult learners.  Demonstrated ability to
design and implement communication and training programs.  Demonstrated
knowledge of effective design principles in the creation of handouts,
guides and training sessions for use by users and for use by other
trainers.  Detailed knowledge of the use of electronic content and of the
use of the Internet and the Web for locating and organizing information.
Skill in developing and analyzing instruments to evaluate the effectiveness
of instructional sessions and materials; proven ability to incorporate
results of such evaluations into subsequent training activities.  Excellent
oral and written communication skills.  Ability to work with groups of
diverse individuals to plan and implement instructional programs.   

Salary:  $49,700 - 74,500, commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Assistant Director for Business Development  (SCR-97)

Under the direction of the University Librarian and Executive Director,
California Digital Library (CDL), the Assistant Director for Business
Development is responsible for the financial and business development of
the California Digital Library.  Establishes and maintains contractual
relationships with content providers, develops business models that support
CDL collections, establishes financial partnerships with industry and with
other segments of the California educational community.  Performs budgetary
and financial analysis, analyzes contracts, develops cost models, studies
costs and benefits of options for providing digital content, and seeks to
establish and maintain mutually beneficial service arrangements with a
variety of educational and industrial partners. In close consultation with
professional library staff on all campuses, develops grant applications for
digital collections and services, and actively seeks other sources of
non-state funding to support CDL collections and services.  Stays abreast
of developments in the area of sustainable business models for scholarly
publishing and suggests innovative models and approaches for the CDL.
Provides professional expertise in the area of financial and business
models for support of digital collections to senior librarians on all
campuses and serves as CDL liaison for budgetary affairs within the Office
of the President.

Requires MBA or equivalent and relevant experience in either libraries or
the online publishing industry.  Excellent analytical skills.  Well
developed oral and written communication skills to communicate effectively
with faculty, administrators, librarians and representatives of industry
and other segments of the California educational community.  Demonstrated
ability to negotiate contractual arrangements with vendors and to develop
business relationships with a variety of profit and non-profit agencies.
Demonstrated superior knowledge of financial analysis and reporting.
Experience in cost/benefit analysis.  Preferred: working knowledge of the
methods and practices surrounding contracts and licenses for electronic
information and of the economics of the scholarly publishing industry.

Salary:  $60,100 - 90,200, commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Review of application materials for all three positions will begin
immediately.  Send nomination, or a letter of application and resume, to:
Management Recruitment, (appropriate SC___), Office of the President, 300
Lakeside Drive, 9th floor, Oakland, CA  94612-3550.  FAX:  (510) 987-0894.  

Susan S. Starr, Ph.D.
Library Planning and Action Initiative Coordinator
University of California
Office of the President
300 Lakeside Drive
Oakland, CA  94612-3550
Phone: 510 987-0370
Fax:   510 839-3573
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