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Nondisclosure of price quotes/estimates

There is one specific aspect of the nondisclosure issue
that I am curious about. At a couple of recent gatherings
(COC and the "Virtually Yours" workshop), people seemed
to have problems with vendors/publishers requiring non-
disclosure of price quotes/estimates. Many people seemed
to find themselves wanting to share information with
colleagues on pricing, but felt that they could NOT do so
due to nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements (many 
times, nondisclosure is invoked BEFORE both parties
enter into a contract).

I'd like to get vendors' and publishers' perspectives on this.
I've heard librarians speculate why they think vendors and
publishers do this, but I don't think I've ever heard an
explanation from the information service provider's side.

I know that there are vendors' and publishers' representatives
on LIBLICENSE-L. I'd sure like to hear their take on the issue.

Bernie Sloan

Bernie Sloan
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