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Re: Lexis/Nexis UNIVerse

Faye and others

I tried to find out information on L/N Univ on their web page and it was
very limited.  A search of their site revealed only a single press release
that announced its operation at Florida State University.  Our University
of Pittsburgh Law School's L/N account representative told me that it did
not feature the full range of L/N databases and services available in
either the commercial or law school market, but still contained a high
percentage of total databases.  He further indicated that it was being
marketed toward large undergraduate universities. 

As a law school librarian, I've used L/N for almost 15 years and am
impressed with the product as a whole.  We've gotten a number of requests
for L/N assistance and passwords, which due to the restrictions in our law
school contracts I have been unable to accomodate.  I know the University
of Pittsburgh main library systems is looking into L/N Universe, but the
law school will be retaining its law school contract. 

George Pike
Director, Barco Law Library
University of Pittsburgh
3900 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15260

>>> Faye Abrams <> 10/20/97 06:04pm >>>
I am very interested in getting information about L/N Universe.  Is there a
Web page? 

Faye Abrams
Head, Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery,
University of Waterloo,
Library,   tel:  519-888-4567 x3520
Waterloo, ON   fax:  519-746-5151
N2L 3G1

[MOD NOTE:  Yes, there is a web site.  For general information about
Lexis-Nexis, see:  http://www.lexis-nexis-com]
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