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Re: Lexis/Nexis UNIVerse


Actually, I'm not so sure that there IS information about UNIVerse at the
lexis/nexis's not all that easy to get any hard information
about the database itself, either. In some ways I still think it is very
good, but the content seems to be in a state of undocumented flux...  If
you call lexis/nexis at 800-227-9597 you will be able to talk with someone
in customer support, but I'd be very interested in knowing if anyone has
REAL information about what segments of the original Lexis/Nexis service
are in and out. We keep discovering bits and pieces... 

Carole Richter                                                       
Electronic Services Coordinator                                               
University of Notre Dame Libraries                                   

At 06:04 PM 10/20/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I am very interested in getting information about L/N Universe.  Is there
>a Web page? 
>Faye Abrams
>Head, Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery,
>University of Waterloo,
>Library,			tel:  519-888-4567 x3520
>Waterloo, ON			fax:  519-746-5151
>N2L 3G1
>[MOD NOTE:  Yes, there is a web site.  For general information about
>Lexis-Nexis, see:  http://www.lexis-nexis-com]
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