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Re: Lexis/Nexis UNIVerse

Carole and others:

I replied to Faye and the list earlier.  There is a single press release
on the L/N web site, but you have to use their internal search engine to
find it. 

I spoke with our law school L/N account rep and he told me a few things
about Universe:  It is similar to a product that they have been marketing
on a limited basis to business schools.  Compared to the commercial and
law school product it does not include LEXSEE and LEXSTAT--the citation
finding tools, and AUTOCITE and SHEPARDS citation services.  Many of the
grouped and topical databases are not available--although that does not
necessarily preclude access to the individual databases that make up the
grouped sets.  Many databases are not available although our rep did not
have a specific list.  He mentioned things like state administrative
regulations and contractually provided on-line treatises (CCH, BNA, etc.) 
I doubt it would contain any public record information either--that is not
even available under the law school contract. 

Of greater concern to us in the law school was the level of service.  We
would not receive most of our training support, 1-800 reference attorney
support, hardware and software support, printing support, and personalized
passwords for faculty and students.  General customer service would be
very limited. 

However, he made it clear that I still retained a lion's share of L/N
databases and considering the undergraduate market that UNIVerse is
marketed to, it still seems like a good product.  But I agree their
information is limited. 

George Pike
Director, Barco Law Library
University of Pittsburgh School of Law
3900 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15260

At 06:04 PM 10/20/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I am very interested in getting information about L/N Universe.  Is there
>a Web page?  >
>Faye Abrams
>Head, Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery,
>University of Waterloo,
>Library,   tel:  519-888-4567 x3520
>Waterloo, ON   fax:  519-746-5151
>N2L 3G1
>[MOD NOTE:  Yes, there is a web site.  For general information about
>Lexis-Nexis, see:  http://www.lexis-nexis-com]
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