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Re: Authorized Users Question

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Anthony W Ferguson wrote:

> My comment related to coming in over 3rd party internet providers --
> not dialing direct to our campus computer.  At Columbia we operate
> similarly to the situation you indicated.  But this means students and
> faculty in the tri-state area, but outside of Manhattan, are excluded
> from accessing web services. tony

Interesting dilemma.  I sent our System Librarian's partial fix for this
to the list yesterday.  We have 800 students on our campus, in our dorms,
who unfortunately are provided free Net access via a local ISP. They have
dynamically-assigned IP's, obviously, that complicate things.

Our systems programming is working for most, but not all, vendors. Our
users, regardless of location, domain name, and IP #, get in to the
FirstSearch databases, IAC databases, and most other subscriptions, though
not all.  StatUSA and Newsbank are 2 exceptions off top of my head; 
Newsbank is working with us on it and we hope to have a fix by Jan. or

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