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Re: Authorized Users Question

My comment related to coming in over 3rd party internet providers --
not dialing direct to our campus computer.  At Columbia we operate
similarly to the situation you indicated.  But this means students and
faculty in the tri-state area, but outside of Manhattan, are excluded
from accessing web services. tony

Anthony W. Ferguson
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> From:  Peter Graham, Rutgers University Libraries
> Tony Ferguson wrote,
> >Until we develop a ubiquitous way of screening our own users coming in
> >via AOL- like vendors who want access to commercial web resources.....  
> Rutgers requires all users to authenticate themselves at one of its many
> authenticating servers before it allows access to university resources such
> as student information, library databases, email and routine work servers,
> and the like.  We have been able to set up an exception so that anyone can
> access our catalog.  But at this point we are able to say to a vendor that
> only authenticated Rutgers users have access to the information we acquire
> >From them.  Rutgers users at remote locations or at home still have to telnet
> through via an authenticating server before they get general access.  I'm
> told that this process is under stress for technical reasons, but I wanted to
> report that apparently something like it can be done.  --pg
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