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Re: Authorized Users Question

At Humboldt State we use a proxy server to authenticate users against a
copy of the circulation database.  The copy is updated monthly I think,
and some user types such as community borrowers are screened out.  I think
this is a fairly common solution for authentication judging from
discussions on web4lib.  When the remote user selects an authenticated
database, he/she is prompted to enter bar code and password.  We do this
at the Library since the campus has no authentication server as yet.

Mary Kay
Humboldt State University Library 

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Anthony W Ferguson wrote:

> I have to chime in as well -- there are no free lunches.  Until we develop
> a ubiquitous way of screening our own users coming in via AOL- like
> vendors who want access to commercial web resources, and are able to
> prevent people for whom we are not paying the license agreement from
> getting at a publisher's resources -- I don't think we can expect a
> publisher to not be concerned. 
> Anthony W. Ferguson
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