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Hospital Sites and Networks

Any of you 'out there' who either license electronic content to or license
on behalf of hospitals and multiple hospital systems?  Our Yale-New Haven
Hospital (a teaching hospital for the Medical School) is growing into the
mom-spider of a hospital network in Connecticut and the network will
probably include various large and small hospitals as well as some clinics
and practices.  It is expected that the members of this large network will
want electronic content of the sort we provide at Yale for the Medical

I'm wondering how such licensing arrangements work, whether they are
regarded by producers as "educational" (Yale-New Haven Hospital certainly
is, at least so far in our licenses and falls under the Medical Library or
University Library rubric, as part of the same site); how a site or sites
is/are defined in such a situation; is this a new type of need or are
there already examples of such hospital networks providing access to
e-information?  What issues crop up, etc? 

Please answer not only if you are already engaging in such licenses, but
if you need to, intend to, or have good ideas about the matter at all. 

Many thanks, Ann Okerson
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