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Re: Hospital Sites and Networks

Forwarded message:
From: "Rick Forsman" <>
Organization: UCHSC -- Denison Library
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 10:04:40 MST-0700
Subject: Re: Hospital Sites and Networks 

I am replying based on your forwarded message below.  My library 
currently has a license from Ovid (via the Colorado Alliance of 
Research Libraries) which allows us to extend access to 
hospital libraries in the state.  I suspect hospital libraries will 
contract in the future and more hospitals may approach us to provide 
such access.  Ovid seems to be comfortable with this joint licensing 
at many sites, recognizing that their revenues increase.

As to issues -- besides arriving at a 'fair' price, we run into 
questions about support:  who provides what level of training, amount 
of personnel time assisting hospitals in sorting out Internet access 
complications or authentication techniques, etc.  I would be happy to 
provide more detail if you have specific questions at any point.


Rick Forsman
Denison Memorial Library - A003         voice:  303/315-5125
Univ. of Colorado Health                 FAX:   303/315-6255
   Sciences Center
4200 E. Ninth Ave.
Denver, CO  80262          Internet:

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