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Re: Perpetual Access, a little more -Reply

Forwarded message:
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 08:09:32 +0200
From: Mark Seeley <>
Subject: Re: Perpetual Access, a little more -Reply

With regard to "perpetual access,"  the pertinent text from the Elsevier
Electronic Subscription license reads as follows

6.2   Effect of termination.    In the event this Agreement terminates
because of expiration of the term or termination as set forth in Paragraph
6.1, Subscriber will be able to retain the electronic form of the
Publications as delivered to Subscriber pursuant to this Agreement
provided that the Subscriber continues to observe its obligations with
respect to security (as set out in Section 5) and the restrictions on usage
(as set out in Section 1).

---Mark Seeley
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