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Re: Seasonally adjusted simultaneous user pricing

Of course another way of adjusting for this would be to figure out the
cost if you could negotiate for a different number of slo's and then
renegotiate the per slo accordingly.  I thought perhaps you were also
going to note that 15 slo's at 2 pm are functionally different than 15
slo's at 8 am.  Is that right? e.g., the problem at 2 pm is internet
overload and the extra slo's don't do much good.  tony

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> Bernie Sloan Writes:
> From: "Sloan, Bernie" <>
> Subject: Seasonally adjusted simultaneous user pricing
> Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 13:53:29 -0600
> I touched on this briefly in a posting last week, but I thought I'd raise
> the question more specifically today. 
> When estimating the number of simultaneous users required, you should
> consider peak use times, i.e., to make sure that users have sufficient
> access at times when demand is highest, and when, in theory, folks need
> access to the resource the most. 
> The problem is that, if you try to provide for reasonable access during
> peak use times on the calendar, you wind up with excess resources that are
> paid for, but unused, the rest of the time. For example, an academic
> library might need 20 simultaneous users for the four months or so when
> students are busiest researching papers, etc., but might only need 5
> simultaneous users for the remainder of the contract year. 
> Is anyone aware of any vendors that offer "seasonally adjusted
> simultaneous user" pricing? For example, paying for 20 users for the four
> months you might need them, and then paying for 5 for the rest of the
> year. 
> I'd like to know if the vendors out there think this concept has
> any validity. 
> Bernie Sloan
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