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Re: Seasonally adjusted simultaneous user pricing

LegiSlate had this in its pricing, though I'm not sure if it's still true
because we only subscribed for one year.  We had a certain number of ports
from 8-5 pm and more ports after 5.  Also it strikes me that LEXIS-NEXIS
used to offer (or require) off-peak-use for customers coming in on
educational discounts.

Mary Engle
Database Licensing
University of California MELVYL(R) system

On Sat, 8 Feb 1997, Michael Rancer wrote:

> This is the concept behind utility pricing and traffic congestion
> management; i.e. you pay more for peak service, less for off-peak service. 
> I don't know that any of us have tried it in license negotiations, but
> it's a valid approach. 
> Michael Rancer
> Chief Administrative Officer
> The Library
> University of California
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