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RE: Charging more for remote access

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I agree with Shelly regarding the abuse of passwords. Our model however 
could eliminate this fear. By installing a countrywide network of 
academic support centres accessible only for distance learning students 
registered with the University, access is controlled on two levels:

1. visually, as only students with valid University ID have access to 
the site, and

2. once at the terminal, he still has to log-on and use his password.
I agree that there will also ways around, but the environment is in 
principle identical to a campus site.

Rainer Moringer
Cyber Connections (Pty) Ltd
We teach in Cyberspace....

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From:	Shelly Warwick []
Sent:	Monday, February 10, 1997 1:55 PM
Subject:	Re: Charging more for remote access

This is the same pattern we've seen in our library, but at the
University and College level.  I think the vendors fear (and probably
quite likely) that if services are accessible from home, even with a
password, that the  password will rapidly spread, and that a sale to
single college will be the only sale it makes as other use the resource
remotely.  I imagine as better user identification technology emerges it
will be easier to neogiate remote access sites.

I do know that some of the services are available on any computer in
campus connected to the 'Net, and that some services, due to cost, are
limited to only computers in the library.

Shelly Warwick
Newman Library, Baruch College, CUNY

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