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Alumni access, More

A couple of liblicense-l readers have asked me whether, given my written
comments (for a Yale meeting last fall) about alumni use of remotely
accessed electronic resources and my reservations about such use, I also
felt the same concerns would apply to alumni access of resources that run
locally at Yale.

In general, my answer is yes.  The matter, from my viewpoint, is that
securing license language that permits alumni use is one thing but only
the first part of the task; making technological, instructional, and
economic provision to achieve effective and appropriate alumni use is
another. Those are the issues we need next to address here and to resolve. 
Doing this will take time for reasons outlined in my note.  I do hope
we can do so in a way that does provide some such services.

By the way, that was not a policy document of any stripe; merely my own
view of the challenge of making licensed e-resources available to alumni. 

Ann Okerson
Associate University Librarian
Yale University
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