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Seasonally adjusted simultaneous user pricing

Bernie Sloan Writes:
From: "Sloan, Bernie" <>
Subject: Seasonally adjusted simultaneous user pricing
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 13:53:29 -0600

I touched on this briefly in a posting last week, but I thought I'd raise
the question more specifically today. 

When estimating the number of simultaneous users required, you should
consider peak use times, i.e., to make sure that users have sufficient
access at times when demand is highest, and when, in theory, folks need
access to the resource the most. 

The problem is that, if you try to provide for reasonable access during
peak use times on the calendar, you wind up with excess resources that are
paid for, but unused, the rest of the time. For example, an academic
library might need 20 simultaneous users for the four months or so when
students are busiest researching papers, etc., but might only need 5
simultaneous users for the remainder of the contract year. 
Is anyone aware of any vendors that offer "seasonally adjusted
simultaneous user" pricing? For example, paying for 20 users for the four
months you might need them, and then paying for 5 for the rest of the

I'd like to know if the vendors out there think this concept has
any validity. 

Bernie Sloan

Bernie Sloan                                     
Senior Library Information Systems Consultant
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University of Illinois
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