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RE: Seasonally adjusted simultaneous user pricing

Regarding Lexis-Nexis and off-peak hours. I just
happened to have a Lexis-Nexis brochure with a price
schedule for "Academic Access Monthly Pricing".

They have two categories listed in the brochure:

  1. Unrestricted Hours Access - you can access Lexis
       Nexis anytime during system operating hours. 

  2. Restricted Hours Access - you can only access from
       6:00 PM to 10:00AM (local time).

For one simultaneous user, the pricing for restricted
hours access seemed to be about 44%-45% of the
pricing for unrestricted hours access.

Bernie Sloan

Bernie Sloan                                     
Senior Library Information Systems Consultant
University Office for Planning & Budgeting
University of Illinois
(217) 333-4895 
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