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Re: Cost of Electronic Resources

In general at Columbia we are not interested in CD-Rom journals because
they provide less access than print -- for which you don't need special
viewing devices.  Networked CD-Rom is a bit better but only marginally.
 We want to provide access to everyone who needs it in our community.

Consequently, the prices are too high for something only marginally
valuable.  Tony

Anthony W. Ferguson
Associate University Librarian
Columbia University Libraries
Tel. 212-854-2270
Fax. 212-222-0331

John McDuffie wrote:

> Forwarded message:
> Date: Tue, 04 Feb 97 12:50:21 EST
> From: "john" <>
> Subject: Re[2]: Cost of Electronic Resources
>      Like other publishers, we're also struggling with developing an 
>      adequate pricing model for libraries and institutions.  
>      At American Psychiatric Press we publish a CD-ROM containing the full 
>      text of 10 psychiatric journals and 12 texts, updated quarterly with 
>      the new issues of journals and any new editions of the texts.  All of 
>      our circulation has been to individuals, but some libraries have begun 
>      purchasing the product.
>      Our current pricing structure for libraries is as follows:
>      One non-networked terminal in the library -- $2,000; 2-8 networked 
>      terminals -- $3,000; 9+ networked terminals -- $4,000.
>      As our circulation is primarily to individuals, we've not had a lot of 
>      input from libraries on this pricing structure.  Is this an adequate 
>      pricing structure?  Does it overlook issues important to librarians 
>      and consortia?  Any feedback on this would be of great help.
>      We are also planning to offer the contents of the Elecronic Library 
>      online.  As we have not yet set any fees for this service, we are open 
>      to your suggestions.
>      John McDuffie
>      American Psychiatric Press, Inc.
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