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Re: Cost of Electronic Resources - a pricing model

Stephen Hayes says:

> The purcahse of concurrent users only works if:
> 1) the product itself monitors the number and prevents any additional
>    unlicensed use; OR
> 2) The site has the ability to control the number of concurrent users.
> Our site cannot always do the controlling depending on the form of access. 
> For example, controlling concurrent users of a web-based resource like
> STAT-USA. Their end can't control the acces and neither can our. 

This is not true.  Concurrent pricing *can* and *does* work based on 
the honesty of clients alone.  That is how real time information 
vendors price their products to the large dealing rooms.  the vendors 
are totally dependant upon the clients being honest about how many 
simultaneous users will be using the service at any one time;  they 
cannot in practice police this, but a thriving industry, based on 
mutual trust (or to be more precise, based on a reasonable lack of 
mistrust), is the result.
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