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RE: Cost of Electronic Resources

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I would like to comment to this subject from a different point of view. 
We are presently implementing a terminal network for tertiary (government) 
institutions which will allow distant students to access their
universities via e-mail and WWW. The project, which is in its pilot phase
will have 5,000 terminals installed at 175 centres serving some 500,000
students. The service is free for the students and the institutions and is
financed through advertising. 

Most of the students come from the underprivileged part of the population
in South Africa and cannot afford to pay for services. They will however
need to access for study purposes material which may be subject to
copyright restrictions. If they are in the lucky situation where they live
near the university they can go to the library and look it up. If they are
distance learners, the only access is to the electronic equivalent. 

If licensing is done on the basis of the current discussion per terminal,
the costs would be killing. How does one go about?? 

Rainer Moringer
Cyber Connections (Pty) Ltd, Academic Support Centre Project
Johannesburg, South Africa

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