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Simultaneous User Flavors

Here's a question:

How many different flavors or interpretations of Simultaneous User are
there?  From a meeting a bunch of consortial folks just had with various
e-vendors, it seemed to me that at least two flavors were identified: 

1.  Each Simultaneous User represents a log-in session that is happening. 
The session lasts as long as the User is logged in without having exited
from the system.  If the session has no activity for a certain number of
minutes, it is set to time out.  (One of the vendors called this model
"number of ports.") By such a definition, the library would want more
simultaneous users than in #2: 

2.  Each Simultaneous User is recorded for the actual seconds/moments that
information is being requested and retrieved.  Time spent viewing the
material (which in a Web situation is likely to now be on the User's
machine) does not count as Simultaneous Use time.  Under this definition,
one would need far fewer licenses, presumably. 

Is this an accurate understanding of the possibilities, at least for
remote access?  Are there other flavors of Simultaneous User?  This
seems an important understanding to have when negotiating a content

Ann Okerson
Associate University Librarian
Yale University
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