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Re: Cost of Electronic Resources - a pricing model

A pricing model based on number of possible users does not work for
specialized resources.  Some databases are of fairly broad utility, but
most have interest to a subset of the university.  Encyclopedia Britannica
may be considered relevant to all segments of campus, but a nursing,
philosophy, zoology, sports or linguistics database is not of broad
appeal.  Since library funding is a declining segment of the American
university budget, any attempt to price a specialized resource on the
basis of total headcount is not likely to appeal to collection development

In my opinion, licensing for simultaneous users is the most effective
pricing model to date.  The library buys what it needs to support the
demand, within the limit of available funds.  This is the only flat
pricing model which relates to actual use of which I am aware. 

Mary Kay
Humboldt State University Library
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