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Re: Cost of Electronic Resources - a pricing model

L Mercz of ITU says,
>we very quickly came to the conclusion that pricing based upon the
>number of simultaneous users is non of interest for many reasons.

Could you expand on that thinking?  For many of us, it is in fact the way
of considering use and pricing that makes sense, since it reflects real
use rather than potential use. 

Other modes such as you suggest--potential use--lead into a morass of
determining who is the potential user.  E.g. we've had proposed an
engineering data base to be priced by number of engineers at the
University.  But in fact the people interested in such a d.b. will be both
larger (physicists, environmentalists) and smaller (mech eng won't be
interested in some elec eng, for example). 

However I note that the Univ. of Calif. "Principles for Acquiring and
Licensing Information in Digital Formats" that David Farrell has helped
develop does allow that pricing by potential user community would be
acceptable.  I wonder if comments from that arena could be added too. 

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