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Another pricing model

Forwarded message:
From: "Sloan, Bernie" <>
Subject: Another pricing model
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 13:50:17 -0600

In an earlier note I briefly discussed the various pricing models I've
dealt with over the past five years or so. There's a model that I'd
forgotten that I'd like to add to the list:  the "pay per drink" model for
document delivery. My experience with this model has been limited to
UnCover document delivery. I'd be interested in hearing from others about
the relative merits of this model, as well as experiences with vendors in
addition to UnCover. 

UnCover allows for two methods for paying for document delivery: deposit
account and credit card payment. The last time I analyzed document
delivery stats (March 1996), over 80% of the document delivery costs were
paid from deposit accounts, presumably mostly in libraries. Slightly less
than 20% were paid by credit card. The average cost of an article was
$12.93. The vast majority of documents (92%)  were delivered for less than
$20.00 each. 

Bernie Sloan

Bernie Sloan                                     
Senior Library Information Systems Consultant
University Office for Planning & Budgeting
University of Illinois
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