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Fair Dealing, Fair Use, etc.

The messages from our colleagues in Australia and Canada lead me to ask
(as a Canadian but living in USA for 10 years now): 

Does the fact that other countries' fair use is more limited (if that is a
reasonable characterization) lead you to have different expectations when
you negotiate a license than those who operate under the U.S. Copyright
Act do?  That is, I *think* (though here I'm really speaking only for
myself and a few other people whose philosophies I know well)  we approach
information content licenses looking for fair use provisions to be
allowed, somehow, in the license.  If not, we ask to have them inserted
wherever possible.  That is, the Copyright Act and prevailing practices
give us certain foundations and expectations about this part of a license. 

What about those in other countries?  Do you try to add a broader fair use
set of principles than your prevailing practices permit for printed works,
or, what is your approach to authorized uses in such a license?

Thanks, Ann Okerson
Associate University Librarian
Yale University
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