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Re: Chemistry Journal License

I also have a concern with one of the clauses (regarding indemnification) 
in what may be the same license, and feel very strongly that the "click to
accept"  approach is ill advised because it appears to make all terms
"non-negotiable" and obviusly makes it extremely difficult to communicate
with the publisher about problem areas and resolve any differences.
Although I've not heard back yet, and can see several problems with what I
proposed to the publisher, I have not clicked on the "accept" button and
have sent them a letter in which I register the objection and suggest that
I submit a signed paper copy of the license with the relevant section
lined out and a statement at the bottom saying that this agreement
supersedes the online agreement.  Much better all around to recognize that
there will be differences to be resolved, and to start out with a
reasonable mechanism for resolving them. 

Tim Jewell
Head, Electronic Information Program
University of Washington Libraries
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