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Re: Chemistry Journal License

Forwarded message:
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 09:15:42 -0400
From: Stan Diamond <>
Subject: Re: Chemistry Journal License

>I've just read a brief license for a major chemistry journal that we want
>to add in online form to our Yale Library journals collection (we will
>keep the print as well).
>It says:  "Use of any of the copyrighted material is only for the
>individual's personal use.  Articles and portions thereof and information
>obtained from this service are not to be re-published inany media, print
>or electronic, resold, or otherwise distributed to others, including
>inter-library loan."

I am not a lawyer so these are only my opinions...

Since you also receive the print version of the journal, and can use that
copy for interlibrary loan purposes, I would hope that a conversation with
the publisher would lead to allowing you to use the electronic version for
ILL purposes so long as you maintained the print subscription. I am also
assuming here that they would not offer the on-line version if you did not
have the print subscription as well. With regard to the clickable on-line
license, I believe that is a formality for informing you of whats what. Any
arrangement that you can work out with the publisher and both sign would
supercede that clickable license.

In terms of faculty and student use, it would be my guess that the fair use
sections of copyright law apply to electronic as well as print versions.
However, coontracts and licenses may restrict fairuse.

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