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Re: Faxed Contracts??

Forwarded message:
From John.R.James@Dartmouth.EDU  Tue Jan 21 10:16:26 1997
Date: 21 Jan 97 10:16:17 EST
From: John.R.James@Dartmouth.EDU (John R. James)
Subject: Re: Faxed Contracts??

I passed your question on to Dartmouth's Legal Affairs office and got the
response below.   --John

>Date: 21 Jan 97 08:54:12 EST
From: Allegra B. Lubrano
>Subject: Re: Faxed Contracts??
>To: John R. James

I agree with the attorney from Arizona - therefore you can take that as
being Dartmouth's position.  To wit, while a signed contract that is faxed
is likely a legitimate and full enforceable legal document, we will
require an "original"  (with an "inked" signature) for our files.  You may
rely on an executed faxed contract pending receipt of the original, but
please always demand an original copy for our files.
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